Concept Support Services

At ZFI Engineering, we understand that the foundation of any successful structural project lies in its conceptual design. Our Concept Support Services are tailored to meet the needs of project owners, developers and architects, ensuring that their vision starts from a well-conceived and achievable beginning.

Design Assist for Contractors

Design Assist for Contractors involves a partnership with contractors to ensure the feasibility and buildability of designs. This collaborative process throughout the project timeline allows for exchanging ideas and expertise, with a focus on practicality, economics, and constructability. By involving contractors early in the design process, the design team proactively anticipates potential budget and construction challenges and integrates structural solutions that work.

Request For Proposal/Concept Charette Design Development

Our approach to Request For Proposal/Concept Charette Design Development lays the foundation for excellence from the project’s inception. It includes developing Project Standards and Criteria and evaluating respondents to ensure alignment with the project goals. We focus on creating a comprehensive design framework that guides every project stage, providing clarity and consistency in execution.

Value Engineering Design

Value Engineering Design explores multiple structural design options for economical and value-focused solutions. We aim to optimize the balance between cost, quality, and performance, ensuring that the final design delivers maximum value without compromising structural integrity while maintaining the architectural aesthetics. This approach often involves innovative techniques and materials to achieve the best possible outcomes.

Early Design Packages

Early Design Packages are designed for expedited project delivery, offering comprehensive foundation and structural-only packages or alternates for change control. These packages allow for faster construction starts and more efficient project timelines. By providing detailed and precise early-stage designs, we help streamline the construction process and reduce the likelihood of delays or significant structural changes during the later stages of construction.


Concept design is the initial phase of a project’s development process, during which the broad outlines, ideas, and aspects are established. It’s where ZFI Engineering helps shape the vision into a tangible strategy, laying down the core ideas that will drive the project forward. This phase often includes preliminary sketches, essential layout work, and exploring key themes and functionalities that the final design will address.

An example of a design concept could be creating a multi-use community center that’s adaptable, sustainable, and accessible to all age groups. The idea would include innovative structural elements that allow for flexible spaces, energy-efficient materials, and a layout that promotes community interaction. It would embody the overarching themes of inclusivity and environmental responsibility.

Conceptual design is the phase where a project’s creative and innovative ideas are generated and explored. It’s not just about how the project will look but how it will function, how it meets the needs of its users, and how it integrates with its environment. ZFI Engineering focuses on conceptual design as a blueprint that interprets and addresses the project’s objectives, requirements, and potential challenges.
A good concept design effectively combines functionality, aesthetics, and feasibility. It should communicate the purpose and vision of the final structure or product, be practical for builders and end-users, and stay within budgetary and regulatory constraints. At ZFI Engineering, a good concept design also means innovation that doesn’t compromise on quality or sustainability, ensuring that the project is designed well and adds value to its surroundings.