Structural Consulting

At ZFI Engineering, our structural consulting services embody our commitment to the health, welfare, and safety of the public, as well as the functionality of the structure. We offer a broad spectrum of problem-solving services, including peer reviews of other structural designs, condition assessments, loading evaluations, structural modification studies, and reviews of construction progress.

Structural Peer Reviews

Whether mandated by the building code, requested by owners, or necessary for contractor constructability and feasibility assessments, our peer reviews are comprehensive and meticulous. We focus on specific aspects of the design and look at the structure as a whole.

Review the structure of FEMA-rated storm shelter design for grant compliance.

Provide an additional level of structural design quality assurance.
Address sequencing and means-and-methods feasibility to successfully build a structure.

Commercial Pre-Sale Condition Assessments

Our engineers perform detailed assessments for potential building purchasers, covering construction and design quality, compliance with building regulations, maintenance, and potential hazards.

Code Upgrade/Loading Evaluations

We evaluate the structural components of aging buildings for current building Code compliance, especially in light of recent changes to air quality and circulation load requirements that may require new mechanical systems. This includes reviewing new structural load requirements for tenant improvements and new equipment installations for industrial and manufacturing clients.

Structural Modification Studies

We assist owners in adapting existing structures to new uses within their budgetary constraints, providing multiple options for the most value-driven solutions. Our approach includes a comprehensive analysis of the structure’s potential, focusing on safety, functionality, and cost-efficiency to solve the client’s problem.

Construction Progress Evaluations

Our team conducts periodic on-site reviews for owners and lenders to ensure that the construction is consistent with progress expectations. These evaluations are critical for maintaining project budget integrity and to help identify and promptly address issues.


Structural consultation is a professional service provided by expert engineers, like those at ZFI Engineering, to advise on the design, assessment, and repair of structural components of a building. This service ensures that structures are safe, efficient, and meet all regulatory compliance standards.

A structural design consultant, such as the professionals at ZFI Engineering, evaluates the design of a structure to ensure it is structurally sound and efficient. They work closely with architects and builders to advise on materials, design, and practices and ensure the structure’s integrity from concept to construction and beyond.

A consulting structural engineer is an expert in the field of engineering who provides advice on building and infrastructure projects. At ZFI Engineering, these professionals perform structural peer reviews, conduct pre-sale assessments, evaluate code compliance, and recommend modifications to enhance the structural integrity of projects.

The main difference lies in focus: architects design the look and feel of a building, focusing on aesthetics and functionality, while structural engineers, like those at ZFI Engineering, ensure that the architect’s design can be realized safely and practically, taking into account the forces and stresses that will act upon the structure. Both professions are essential for completing construction projects, with engineers often consulting on the technical aspects of an architect’s vision.