Parking Garage

Parking garages are widely used in cities across the world. From healthcare and hospitality parking to airport and venue parking, to office and residential parking — garages are an important part of the infrastructure in any city to accommodate transportation for citizens. These structures may seem simple from the outside, but there’s much more than meets the eye when it comes to the systems inside. Automation and other technologies also continue to evolve in parking garage engineering and construction. Future-proofing is critical, as these structures must be designed and constructed to last for decades. 

ZFI Engineering has been designing and repairing parking garage structures for over 30 years. Our design experience includes single story garages, multi-story garages, garages below or adjacent to other buildings or structures, cast-in-place concrete garages (both conventionally reinforced and post-tensioned), precast garages, and steel-framed garages. We have designed garages with uniquely shaped framing members, and garages with unique facades to complement the surrounding architecture. Using information obtained through years of experience in parking garage repair and restoration, ZFI Engineering provides a garage that incorporates current corrosion protection technology as well as providing an owner a maintenance plan for their garage to extend the garage’s life expectancy.

Many problems can arise if parking garages aren’t properly maintained. Timely and consistent maintenance and repairs help clients avoid loss of use of valuable parking spaces and the revenue they often generate. This oftentimes reduces the overall cost of garage ownership. By meticulously restoring and maintaining your garage, you can mitigate costly repairs down the road. ZFI has the experience and expertise to ensure that the restoration and maintenance is done safely and correctly.  

ZFI’s garage repair experience includes the slabs, beams, columns, and walls of the parking structure. It also includes guidance on drainage, sealants, and waterproofing, as these items directly affect the longevity of the structural system, which is often times directly exposed to the elements or deicing chemicals. 

Completed Parking Garages

We assist with:

  • New/Addition Garage Design
  • Parking Garage Structural Assessments
  • Parking Garage Repairs and Strengthening

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