Our health is of utmost importance, yet our healthcare system has faced many challenges, especially in the past few years. Still, we must continue to put healthcare at the forefront of our priorities. The ZFI team designs structural systems that help keep patients healthy and safe in hospitals, clinics, and other medical facilities. Just as important, these systems also help protect the health of nurses, doctors, staff, and visitors.

ZFI Engineering has designed multi-level towers, hospitals, parking garages, clinics, medical office buildings, and a diverse range of other healthcare expansions. Providing high-quality, affordable healthcare means making the best possible use of limited resources, while meeting the technical standards. ZFI delivers high-performing buildings, leaving our clients free to focus on delivering quality patient care.

ZFI understands the importance of structural flexibility to accommodate future renovations, changing equipment, and expansions. When working on larger campus projects, ZFI works closely with the owner and architect to determine where potential future expansions or major renovations may occur — by doing this, we can provide a structure capable of accommodating potential future expansions.

ZFI also provides critical structural engineering services for those need-driven renovations and changes. We assist owners and architects with interior remodels, providing structural framing evaluations and modifications as required for the new functions in the existing space. Whether it be supporting new radiology equipment (Bi-plane, single-plane, MRI, CT, X-ray), hanging surgical lights, removing walls for larger patient spaces, or strengthening existing framing, ZFI Engineering has a wealth of experience with these sensitive modifications.

We assist with:

  • New/Addition Hospital Structural Systems
  • Structural Renovations
  • New/Addition Garage Design
  • Site Structures
  • Special Structures – Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU), Neo-Natal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), Cath Lab, Linear Accelerator, Imaging Equipment supports

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