Parking Garage

In the heart of Oklahoma City, ZFI Engineering is a mainstay in the design and rehabilitation of parking structures. Known for engineering multi-level garages that blend structural efficiency with iconic design, our comprehensive approach covers new constructions, detailed assessments of existing facilities, and targeted rehabilitation to address deterioration. We focus on all aspects of structural design and repair from cast-in-place, precast, and post-tensioned concrete to fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) repairs and cathodic protection. At ZFI Engineering, we understand that parking solutions are more than just functional spaces; they are integral to the communities they serve and often provide revenue for their operators.

New/Addition Garage Design

Our expertise extends to a variety of structures, including post-tensioned, conventionally-reinforced, precast concrete, and steel structures. We specialize in vertical and horizontal additions and ensure every new project is a testament to innovative design.

Parking Garage Assessments

We thoroughly evaluate existing parking structures for owners, developers, and potential buyers, offering insights into the consequences of deferred maintenance, pre-sale conditions, and structural possibilities evaluation for vertical expansion with additional levels.

Short-term decisions can have long-term consequences. Deferred maintenance and repairs can escalate repair costs over time and negatively impact the viability of a parking structure.

Know the structural health of a parking facility and essential repairs to keep the garage functioning at an optimal level.

Explore opportunities to add levels to increase capacity and revenue without growing the facility’s footprint.

Parking Garage Rehabilitation

Extending the life of parking garages through expert assessments, recommendations, and implementation of fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) reinforcement design, cathodic protection, and concrete repair drawings for all garage types.

Utilizing FRP reinforcing to address capacity deficiencies and damage in various concrete beams, columns, and slabs.

Mitigating corrosion using sacrificial anodes and other techniques.
Implementing comprehensive repair techniques and materials to address the damaged caused by uncontrolled moisture intrusion and normal wear-and-tear.


Designing a parking structure involves thoroughly analyzing the intended use, site conditions, and client requirements. At ZFI Engineering, our process begins with a concept design considering traffic flow, pedestrian access, and structural integrity. We utilize advanced modeling to optimize space and ensure safety, incorporating durable materials like post-tensioned and conventionally reinforced concrete. Every design adheres to local codes and client needs, ensuring functionality and longevity.
The best parking layout design maximizes space while ensuring user convenience and safety. ZFI Engineering considers angled parking for ease of maneuvering, one-way traffic flow for better navigation, and clear signage for efficient use. We tailor our designs to each site and often use a combination of layout styles to achieve the optimal balance of capacity and accessibility.
Efficiency in parking design means minimizing the space per car while maximizing the total number of spaces. ZFI Engineering achieves this by considering factors such as the dimensions of parking bays, the parking angle, circulation patterns, and the inclusion of features like efficient vertical transportation. We often recommend designs like flat plate post-tensioned structures for their ability to provide more parking spaces within a smaller footprint.
A standard car parking layout typically includes 90-degree parking bays for ease of design and maximization of space. However, the “standard” can vary based on the specific site and usage needs. ZFI Engineering assesses each project to determine the most suitable layout, which could include angled or parallel parking, one-way aisles for better flow, or a mix of these elements to optimize the use of available space.