Keeping our country safe and strong is part of every American’s job. For America’s defense system, the demand for robust infrastructure and secure facilities is paramount. These buildings include barracks, administrative offices, mess halls, training facilities, medical and healthcare structures, hangars, warehouses, and command centers. Structural engineering services play a vital role in providing the expertise and solutions needed to meet these requirements. Focused on diligent quality and customer service, ZFI Engineering is committed to delivering exceptional results that align with the unique needs and rigorous standards of our defense and federal clients.

One of the key aspects of structural engineering services for defense and federal clients is the meticulous attention to detail and unwavering commitment to quality. ZFI Engineering understands the critical nature of these projects and the potential impact on national security and public safety. Therefore, we adhere to rigorous public and defense-only codes, regulations, and industry best practices to ensure a high level of quality in our engineering designs. Tight budgets and flexible spaces that can meet future needs are often important considerations on defense projects. However, the specific needs of the entities and operations using the facilities stay paramount to our engineers throughout the design and construction process.

Through ZFI’s expertise, we develop innovative and cost-effective solutions that are tailored to meet the unique challenges faced by defense and federal clients. By leveraging our extensive experience, we design structures that withstand some of the most extreme loading conditions, such as explosive blast pressures. Security requirements such as minimum setbacks, separation of critical operations, and preventing progressive collapse are critical considerations throughout ZFI’s design process.

Structural engineering services for defense and federal clients play a vital role in the development and maintenance of critical national infrastructure. By combining meticulous attention to detail, deep expertise, and proactive customer engagement, ZFI Engineering enables defense and federal clients to achieve their infrastructure goals while upholding the highest standards of national security and public safety.

We assist with:

  • New/Addition Defense and Government Structural Systems
  • Structural Renovations and Retrofits
  • Structural Hardening for Blast Protection and Progressive Collapse Prevention

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