Specialty Structural Services

Structural engineering is the science and art of designing buildings and structures that are safe and capable of withstanding natural and man-made loading. Projects can be big and complex or small and straightforward. Whether designing a commercial storm shelter that protects the community from extreme weather, a support structure for new medical equipment in an existing facility, or a foundation for a new community art installation, ZFI Engineering partners with clients to meet the unique needs of each project.

Commercial Storm Shelters

ZFI Engineering integrates commercial shelters into the building design, emphasizing the importance of safety and functionality. Our expertise also extends to identifying or designing Best Available Refuge Areas (BARA) in new and existing buildings. In addition to these services, we conduct third party, Code-Required Peer Reviews, which are independent reviews of structures by our team for projects not originally designed by ZFI Engineering.

Equipment Supports

ZFI Engineering excels in providing structural support for a diverse range of equipment necessary to operate various types of facilities. Our expertise includes:

We ensure stability and safety for critical healthcare equipment, recognizing the importance of the reliability and performance of equipment in sensitive healthcare environments.

We specialize in creating tailored supports for various imaging devices, including Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Catheterization Laboratory (Cath Lab), Computed Tomography Scans (CT), and X-Ray instruments. Our designs of overhead booms and patient lifts cater to essential operational equipment, offering robust and efficient support solutions. We understand the unique performance requirements of the different types of medical equipment.

Our structural engineering solutions encompass a wide range of systems, including overhead, roof-mounted, or floor-mounted systems, ensuring optimal functionality and safety.

We design structural systems that support transformers and cooling towers with a focus on safety and durability.

Whether we are evaluating an existing structure for upgraded Air Handling Units (AHUs) or providing framing for new construction, ZFI Engineering recognizes the critical role of energy, air quality, and temperature control in buildings. In a world with every changing Code requirements, we provide specialized support ensuring effective operation and longevity.

ZFI Engineering designs temporary fall arrest systems across industries for safety and efficiency.

This includes window washing davits, maintenance platforms, and tie-off points.

Pre-Engineered Metal Building Foundation Design

Pre-Engineered Metal Building (PEMB) Foundation Design serves architectural, contractor, and fabrication clients with custom foundation solutions. Our designs prioritize structural integrity and compliance with local building codes while optimizing cost and construction efficiency. We ensure that each foundation design aligns seamlessly with the overall project goals, and selected PEMB fabricator facilitating a smooth construction process.

Site Structures

ZFI Engineering’s expertise extends to the design of various site-specific structures, each tailored to meet the project’s unique requirements. Our capabilities include:

Crafting durable concrete and segmental block retaining walls that effectively manage soil and landscape dynamics.

Design loading docks, dumpster enclosures, and mechanical equipment screens that blend functionality with aesthetic appeal.

Engineering robust supports for signage, ensuring stability and compliance with local regulations.

Design encompasses ramps, stairs, and planters, enhancing the functionality and visual appeal of outdoor spaces.

Specialized Foundations for Tower Cranes

We specialize in the design of foundations that are critical for the safe and efficient operation of tower cranes, focusing on stability, load capacity, and compliance with safety standards.


Structural engineers provide a wide array of services focused on designing, analyzing, and inspecting structures to ensure they are safe and capable of withstanding various stresses and forces. Their services typically include creating structural designs, developing detailed drawings and specifications, conducting site inspections to ensure compliance with design, performing structural analyses to predict the performance of structures under different conditions, and overseeing construction to ensure that facilities are built according to design specifications.

Structural engineering includes the comprehensive study and application of engineering principles to design elements that support and resist loads, such as beams, columns, and slabs. It involves determining the stability, strength, and rigidity of built structures for buildings and nonbuilding structures. The field also encompasses structural analysis, design, planning, research, inspection, project management, and construction management to ensure safe, sustainable, and economical structures.

Structural drafting is the creation of detailed drawings representing the design of a building’s or structure’s structural elements. These drawings illustrate the specifications, dimensions, materials, and procedures necessary to construct the structural components. They serve as a guide for construction and must be precise, as they include critical information about the structure’s load-bearing elements.

Architectural drawings are focused on the aesthetic and functional elements of a building, such as the layout, look, and feel. They provide a blueprint for the design and the overall appearance, including room sizes, window locations, and other architectural features. Structural drawings, on the other hand, detail the engineered aspects of a building. They show how the structure will be built, the materials to be used, and how different components will be connected to ensure the building’s safety and stability. Essentially, architectural drawings present the vision, while structural drawings provide the technical roadmap to realize that vision safely.