Forensic Structural Engineering

At ZFI Engineering, our focus on forensic structural engineering is central to addressing complex construction challenges. Our team of seasoned experts brings extensive experience and credentials, proving invaluable for attorneys, building owners, and contractors. We provide targeted consulting and support, ensuring robust analysis and practical solutions for every unique forensic case.

Expert Witness for Construction Litigation

ZFI Engineering stands as a crucial resource for attorneys dealing with construction litigation. Our extensive experience and credentials enable us to provide comprehensive forensic studies, expert testimony, and litigation support. Catering to a diverse client base, from building owners to contractors, we offer tailored consulting and structural engineering services to meet varying needs in construction-related disputes. Our engineering perspectives are grounded in solid engineering principles, ensuring reliable and credible testimony in legal settings.

Forensic Investigations

Our forensic investigations aim to uncover the root causes of incidents in construction. We specialize in determining responsibility and formulating strategies to prevent future occurrences. Our investigation services cover a broad spectrum of issues including:

Identifying and analyzing the reasons behind structural collapses or design errors.

Investigating problems affecting the usability and functionality of structures.

Specialty Analysis for Causation

We provide specialized analysis to establish causation in complex structural scenarios. Our advanced methods include:

Utilizing simulation techniques to replicate conditions and analyze building problems, providing a clearer understanding of the issues.

Employing sophisticated modeling methods allow for detailed examination of structural challenges.


Forensic structural engineering is a specialty within civil engineering focused on investigating the causes and effects of structural failures. At ZFI Engineering, this involves meticulous analysis of materials, design, and construction practices to determine the reasons behind a structural issue or collapse, always adhering to the highest industry standards.
Investigating construction defects and structural failures involves a meticulous process of damage assessment, evidence collection, and the use of advanced analytical techniques. At ZFI Engineering, we specialize in this detailed examination. We delve deeply into each case to identify the underlying causes of such issues. Our comprehensive analysis offers crucial insights that are instrumental in guiding legal resolutions, implementing effective remediations, and contributing to developing more robust and safer construction practices for future projects.