From consumer products to food and beverage, to chemicals and pharmaceuticals — industry and manufacturing play a vital role in America’s history and economy. With increased digitalization, automation, and other modern challenges, the industrial sector is also going through a major reshaping period. Eliminating waste and streamlining production are top concerns for industrial facilities. ZFI Engineering keeps this in mind for each industrial project.

The structural systems in industrial facilities must be designed with efficiency, sustainability, and long-term value in mind. We collaborate closely with plant managers and other stakeholders to design structures that complement industrial systems that streamline production. Project success for any industrial project relies heavily on proper planning and scope development. Poor or late planning and scope definition leads to significant changes to the project and increased change orders, which can result in significant cost and schedule overruns. Our engineering expertise and ongoing communication throughout the project help mitigate these unexpected changes and ensure a successful final project.

We assist with:

  • Manufacturing Equipment Support Structures and Foundations
  • Above and Underground Concrete Storage and Spill Tanks
  • Precast Above and Underground Structures
  • Reinforced Concrete Buildings
  • Bridge Crane Support Structures
  • Loading Dock Structures

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