Housing / Mixed Use

With the change in how people live and work, especially in recent years, multi-use buildings are becoming increasingly popular in today’s marketplace. Multi-use structures accommodate a wide variety of commercial and residential uses including housing, retail, office, hotel, entertainment, and restaurants. These buildings are now focused on the resident’s experience, not just the commercial tenant. They allow many people to work, live, and enjoy a wide range of amenities within a relatively small area. As land for new buildings becomes scarce in urban areas, mixed-use buildings are a practical way to make the most of limited space. With an approach to engineering intellect, ZFI Engineering delivers excellence to clients through structural engineering services.

Housing and mixed-use buildings play a role in revitalizing our cities and encouraging a sense of community. For developers, they present higher returns on investment while offering more possibilities and resilience during economic downturns. 

Our wide range of experience at ZFI Engineering includes several mixed-use projects. We understand the details of designing a building that requires open, flexible space for potential tenants while maintaining structural integrity. It takes a knowledge of complex building structures and systems and the required synergy for the operational success of mixed-use buildings. ZFI works closely with the owner and/or design team to provide a structure that will maximize vertical clear space in a building story while being conducive to residential modules above.

Housing revolves around the occupants — it’s their experiences that matters most. It’s an undertaking to provide comfort, convenience, and style — all within a safe environment and structure. ZFI brings value in design and construction for all project team members in the high-pressure and highly competitive world of housing and mixed-use. 

We assist with:

  • Concrete, Precast, Steel, Masonry, and Tilt-Up Concrete Structural System
  • Podium Structures with cold-formed steel or wood residential units
  • Commercial Storm Shelters
  • Parking Garages
  • Signage Supports
  • Site Structures

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