Structural Investigative & Rehabilitation Services

At ZFI Engineering, we are dedicated to ensuring that your structures stand the test of time and adapt to evolving needs and standards. With our expertise in structural investigative and rehabilitation services, you can rest assured that your buildings are in capable hands. Our goal is to extend the life of your structures, ensuring they remain safe, functional, and compliant for years to come.

Comprehensive Structural Strengthening and Modification

Our team of licensed professional engineers is proficient in various aspects of structural strengthening and modification including:

Utilizing advanced materials for enhanced structural support.

Reinforcing steel structures to increase capacity and extend their lifespan.

Implementing robust solutions for concrete structures, ensuring durability and resilience.

Structural Modifications Design

Adapting or enhancing existing structures with new openings, additional egress requirements, and other modifications to meet current or future needs.

Relocate structural elements to accommodate new stairs, doors, and elevators.
Evaluate structural impacts associated with widening hallways, installing ADA accessible ramps, or adding handrails or guardrails.

Expert Damage Assessments and Remediation Services

We provide thorough damage assessments along with repair/remediation services, catering to building owners and insurance companies. Our approach is meticulous, identifying all damaged components, so the building can return to its previous condition. 

Structural Failure Evaluations

Structural failures can encompass large and small problems ranging from cracks in a slab-on-grade to structural collapse stemming from fire or tornadoes. Our knowledgeable staff brings a wealth of failure evaluation experience to address a variety of structural failure conditions. ZFI Engineering analyzes structural failures to determine their underlying cause before recommending solutions.

Seismic Evaluations and Assessments

Understanding the risks posed by seismic events, our structural engineering services extend to comprehensive seismic evaluations and assessments, including:

  • ASCE 31 Tier 1 and Tier 2 Evaluations: Providing tiered evaluations as per ASCE 31 standards.
  • ASCE 41 Seismic Rehabilitation: Implementing seismic rehabilitation strategies per ASCE 41 guidelines.


A structural repair refers to restoring a building’s structural elements that have been damaged or weakened over time. It can include repairs to load-bearing walls, beams, columns, foundations, and slabs to ensure the building’s safety and functionality.

An example of a structural repair is reinforcing a compromised beam using fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) composites. This method strengthens the existing structure without requiring complete replacement, thereby extending the life of the building component.

Structural fixing involves the corrective actions to fix issues within a building’s framework. It includes applying various techniques and materials to mend or enhance the building’s structural integrity, such as welding additional support to a steel frame or using concrete injections to repair cracks.

Basic structural repairs can range from patching minor cracks in concrete, reinforcing steel elements, and replacing damaged bricks in load-bearing walls to more comprehensive solutions like retrofitting buildings for earthquake resilience. The goal is always to address the deterioration and restore the structural system to its intended performance level.